200 Club

1st Brookwood Scout Group would like to invite you to join our successful 200 Club Draw.

There is one draw per Scouting term, each made up of 3 prizes.

1st Prize        £100

2nd Prize       £50

3rd Prize       £25

In addition to this there is an enormous annual prize of £500!

The total amount of all these prizes amounts to over £1,000!

The cost of joining is a mere £1 per month payable annually (£12).  We are sure you will agree that this draw represents excellent value.

How to Join

Just fill in the 200 Club Invitation 2018 and give it, along with your payment or statement that you have paid electronically or set up standing order, to one of the leaders or send it to the 200 Club Manager at 200club@brookwoodscouts.org.uk.  The results of the draws for the 2017-18 scouting year are detailed below

Results – Autum 2018 Draw

First Prize (£100)                                 K Goddard (share no. 29)

Second Prize (£50)                              R James (share no. 161)

Third Prize (£25)                                 P Goold (share no. 146)

Drawn and witnessed at the Scout Group Christmas Party, 14th December 2018.


Results 2018 AGM Draw 

Winner of £500   – J Greenwood (share 68)

Drawn and witnessed at the Scout Group AGM, 22nd June 2018.


Results Summer 2018 Draw

First Prize (£100)                                   V Clarke (share no. 107)

Second Prize (£50)                                G Baker (share no.31 )

Third Prize (£25)                                   J Griffiths (share no. 174)

Drawn and witnessed at Scout Group AGM 22nd June 2018.


Results Spring 2018 Draw

First Prize (£100)                                 V Crabbe (share no.90)            

Second Prize (£50)                               C Keeble (Share no.119)

Third Prize (£25)                                   B Coe (Share no.24)

Drawn and witnessed at the Annual Quiz Night 10th March 2018. 


Results Autumn 2017 Draw

First Prize (£100)                                 R Banga (Share no.51)

Second Prize (£50)                               Pete Goold (Share no.120)

Third Prize (£25)                                   PR Underwood (Share no.78)

Drawn and witnessed at the Scout Group Christmas Party 15th December 2017.